Week of June 13-19, 2021

A summary of research and activity during period above.

This is not a complete list, particularly on confidential items and discussions.

Truman online diaries

Show booking, contacts – Inviting the Femnomena

FBI online records

Eisenhower schedule

The National Security Act of 1947

Camp Shangdi-Law – Camp David

Truman-military meetings

Truman approved Operation Paperclip 9/3/46

Nuremberg Trials of 9 months ended with judgment on 8/20/47

test: INFJ introvert, intuitive, feelings, judging;

Philips Dreamstation recalled, stop use;


Zoom Experiencer Group

Zoom Experiencer Healing Group

Blood work

Community volunteer work

Honda maintenance service on truck $1,500

Osenberg List

Research on 

Growing list of books to read

Many podcasts, Audible books, YouTube

Show Appearance – Inviting the Femnomena 

My word:

There is a harmony in the messages

The truth cannot be denied

The voice is not strong as long as fear abides

The brain knows the messages and so let them fly

Our thoughts and actions will unite as the time is approaching now.

The answer is the message and missions are the plans.

Hypatia Lee, 5 arenas of life

Interior Castle by Teresa Avila

Research Richard Doty

Research on Dr LaPas and Edward Teller

Synchronicity: “does have a point”

Dr Leon Davidson-USG, review my records

Trinity interviews with Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris

CIA reading room docs

DOE reading room docs

Remote viewing docs and history

NTIS.gov docs

NOAA reading room docs, multiple 

Naval history reading room

DOD docs

SAC docs

Air Force historic docs

DTIC docs

ATIC docs

Bearden docs


Operation Paperclip

Stanley Crogan 

Magnetic variations

Edgar SEC search

Bigfoot DNA Sequencing