Week of 6/6 – 6/12/21

Summary of activities:

(Group healing intentions for me)

Experiencer Group Zoom AMA – Yvonne Smith

Back in office area

Correction on SecNav docs for another Twitter person

CIA, DOE, ATIC, FBI docs searches

Caroline Myss – virtual conference

Bookings and emails for Inviting the Femnomena

Inviting the Femnomena with Lori Moriarty of PursuingX and Observation Deck


Medical Insurance – rejection of major surgery

Research: Korea War UFO activity

Audible, YouTube, Podcasts

6/7 Granddaughter incident

Maury Island Incident

DC flyovers July 19-20, 1952 and July 26-67, 1952

Review of meteors

Missile early warning systems

Symbol – double triangle

Spy 1 satellite

FYI Offering for Native American entities – corn, tobacco

Research on Laurance Rockefeller and Clintons

Confidential contacts – tips

Coronada Incident

Research of various crash incidents

note – Colonel Barry Hennessey – Richard Doty’s supervisor

Docs on Aviary, MJ12, PI40, Kissinger, Gen. Stubblevine, Scott Jones


Research FBI, CIA, DOE, ATIC docs

Many notes on incidents, crashes, Podcasts, books

(I know I’m forgetting things)