Website Update

I am in transition from one website to another because I want to have a different focus on how I do things. I was saving the other website for published reports and more, but because everything involves a lot of research and then writing, or research and then speaking, or a combination of everything, there are periods of time where I do not have a lot to publish with that format.

I will be making more periodic posts and trying to update the type of research I am involved with in order to account for more of my time in this process. Research takes a lot of time because you fall into deep holes as you dig through files and books, and it may not be something that I am directly involved in this second, but it is still valuable. I have learned when dealing with USG (United States government) websites and reading rooms, never assume anything will be there the next time I look. This takes a lot of time, a lot of saving, and not nearly enough organizing the content on my part.

I do file FOIA requests as needed and I need to do more. It is a wait and see thing, because you never know if what they send you is full of unreadable documents, the wrong document, or if you will get a large bill for the information. Besides cost, you never know if you will get the information you want or a bunch of junk they threw in for grins, apparently that is the case.

Thank you for your patience when times are slow to produce a lot of answers.