Week of 5/23-5/29

This is not complete, this is something I need to get in the habit of doing.

Experiencer Group Zoom Meeting

Board meeting in person and by Blue Jeans video conference

Community volunteer on-call 3 days

“Inviting the Femnomena” panelist

Contacting #WomenInUfology and others for guest position on “Inviting the Femnomena”


Document notarized

Zoom lecture, author Mike McClelland on Synchronicity

Audible books

Research NOAA reading room

Research State Department reading room

Research Military Executive reading room

Research SecNav reading room

Research documents in my Dropbox

Transfer documents to Dropbox

Download GoodLinks to load URLs for ease in access

Research Zodiac

Review UFO Magazines I have

Change website format and domain to lyndathompson.info

Consultation with another researcher