I had a regression several years ago and when that hypnotherapist realized it involved The Others (my term for ET and dimensional entities), she stopped the regression and couldn’t take it. At that time I was not aware it involved The Others, I was still in denial. She had not encountered that. Her brand new computer also stopped working and so the recording from it was not available. She was not happy.

I waited several years before I tried it again, and by this time I had a lot of recall, seen evidence of it and connected a lot of pieces I had been in denial from accepting. This time it was time and I was as ready as I ever would be. I knew it could be really bad and I accepted that. I reviewed my options for a hypnotherapist and I knew who I did not want to do it. I made arrangements for the virtual session.

The regression wasn’t overly dramatic, I know I was stressed, and I also am not emotional over anything. I don’t think I have cried since my brother passed and I stopped waking up crying over that. No, I didn’t scream or anything like that. One of our cats who is an experiencer was by my side during part of it and she was generally concerned. She put her paws on me and looked at me like, “it will be okay.”

I got a lot of new information, but the information I had conscious recall of was confirmed.

I know the good, bad and ugly of what can happen with regressions, and I know there are hypnotherapists who frame sessions in their agendas of “pro-space brothers” or “aliens are always bad” altitudes. I felt this was a positive experience to have it not be the worse it could be. The hypnotherapist did not guide or make any statements that would have framed my perception. I found out some positive information for me.

It is a decision each person must make. It can be a huge shock if you aren’t prepared.