Disclaimer: I am not a health professional and I am not writing this from a perspective as a psychologist or anything like that. I do have training and experience in an area related to this topic. I also do strategic planning. Sometimes we cause extreme imbalance in our lives and entrap ourselves in situations that are difficult to deal with, and sometimes we do not deal with them until damage is done. Use this article as a guidepost to maintaining some objectivity in your life. Make a course correction as needed.

Obsessions can sometimes lead to possession and bad things in someone’s life, and not just their life, but also to their loved ones and those close to them. I am going to give a checklist for you to go through to evaluate what you are doing. Look at the list carefully and consider each point before answering for yourself. If you need help with protecting yourself, you can contact me for my suggestions.

Remember, there are costs to what we do in life, wisely choose.

What are your intentions?

Have you looked at ways this can be used against you? How can you protect yourself?

If you can be a target for attacks or otherwise due to this, what can you do to prevent that?

What does this entangle you in, and with whom?

Does this open the door to darkness, deception, or otherwise cause harm?

Are you in this for any reason other than a pure motivation? 

Will this harm anyone or anything?

How much a day are you thinking or doing something about this?

Does this interfere with a relationship with a loved one, as far as time, attention and being in-present, or otherwise?

What are you not doing (neglecting or avoiding) by time spent on this? Why that?

Are you looking at risks, negatives or contraindicators as well as positives/gains?

Have you looked at the risks to loved ones and others for your involvement in this?

What do you hope to get out of this? 

What are you personally getting out of this? Remember this could be many things including ego gain.

If others are involved, why are they involved in this with you?  Are you pressuring them? Are they pressuring you? Why? 

If you stopped this, how would you benefit? What would you lose? What are you willing to lose?

How does this affect you monetarily and otherwise?

How much a month do you spend on this, and why?

Are you hiding anything from your spouse, significant other etc. by doing this?

What is your goal by being involved in this?

Are you able to accept defeat of your goal and not blame others if the goal is not met?

Are you able to amend or make changes due to the responses you gave here?