John Schuessler’s Catalog of UFO Effects on Humans

A lot of people have been talking about the Catalog of UFO Effects on Humans that was attached to a document that was partially released this week. Many had never heard of Mr. Schuessler and speculated in ways that gets my blood boiling because it is full of derogatory comments or out-there rumors, or “I think…” that is full of garbage. I have previously posted the document I could locate, but I wanted to determine if there was a more complete document.

I asked a MUFON Board Director I know whether he had the official Catalog of UFO Effects on Human Body that John Schuessler prepared in the 1990s. He contacted John Schuessler and he was kind enough to respond to me. Mr. Schuessler is a founding organizer of MUFON, a scientist connected to NASA at the time of the Cash-Landrum Case and he investigated that. He is still a top-tier leader of MUFON. Mr. Schuessler is retired.

Dear Lynda,

Congratulations for joining MUFON and doing research.  You are located in a part of the USA that has some of the most dedicated UFO researchers anywhere in the country.

The UFO Catalog is a very old document.  When I was trying to help the C-L victims get help for their injuries, I found it difficult to find leads on information that was both the same or different in the way people were harmed during close encounters.  I collected 400 or so reports from articles, reports to other investigators, and even the tabloids. A review of those sources helped me understand more about why cases weren’t getting solved.  It usually was due to lack of factual information about the sources that caused the injuries.  In addition, I reviewed the comprehensive documentation on landing trace cases collected by Ted Phillips.  Also, I reviewed the accumulated work of animal cases and found interesting material there as well.

Getting back to my catalog.  I fully expected to continue researching UFO related injury cases and I didn’t want to have to find the same sources again while accumulating more new reports. So, I just listed the source of the report and which type of injuries were involved and self-published the catalog. I then shared it with any researcher interested in that subject.  I did hand the word searchable disk of the document over to Jan Harzan for MUFON use at one of the MUFON Board meetings.

What I learned from it was just how poorly this area of UFO research was documented, and that led me to much more interesting results from that time to the present. 

I believe _____________ is in your part of the country and may have a copy of the catalog he could share with you.

I will also see if I can find a source of the full document for you.


John Schuessler


** I left a blank in the document so the individual won’t be blasted with questions about it. I will post any updated document I might receive. I sent communication to the individual to inquire about getting a copy of the document. I think it’s wise to compare documents, especially when it has been attached to a government document, to see if anything left out.