Documents, Research and Interviews

I have thousands of documents in digital form everywhere. I do a decent job researching, I do a terrible job as my own assistant. I get emails and calls asking me for documents that I know I have, but where is a huge question. I have many terabyte external drives, multiple cloud and Dropbox-type storage programs. There are so many I still want to download.

A major problem working in archives with the military, energy departments, and governments is that if you don’t get a document when you see it, it won’t be there the next time you look. People argue with me about this, but this has been happening a lot during this administration. I am not blaming the President, there are many individual departments and what the left hand doesn’t know, the right hand is likely doing. Sometimes you will see documents in FOIA reading rooms get pulled and REDACTED MORE, and then replaced – and sometimes not put back there.

So I will try to put some documents here on my website, but likely not. I get asked a lot for the documents I have already placed here.


I do plan on having a podcast, I have been taking a long time toward that. I’ve had the equipment for some time, I have the programs. It is a matter of timing. I want quality, not quantity. So, I am working toward that goal.