Apple Software & Programs

I use Apple computers and other devices and have for years. My first Apple computer was purchased in 1984. I find some programs are very helpful, some are available on PCs, some not.

Scrivener is good for writing and reports.

GoodLinks is an App for the computer etc. that lets you save links and keep them in an organized way, going back to click on them and open again. I have used different ones to attempt to do this, but this is the only reliable one I have found. As a researcher, this is extremely helpful to me.

Apple Notes App, I use for all my devices and have for years. It is really the only Apple basic App that I like and use all the time. There are other similar note apps and programs and I have thought of transitioning, this one is just simple, works across devices and works.

SmallPDF is a web software that is extremely helpful when working with PDF docs, or changing something to PDF, or a PDF to something else. You can merge, separate, condense etc.

PDF to JPG App is fast for when I want to change a 1-4 page PDF to jpgs for posting on Twitter etc.

Skitch is the screenshot App I prefer, it is by Evernote. You can capture and crop the image.

Grammarly is for grammar correction and suggestions. It is very helpful, but there are things that it doesn’t apprehend in terms and I have to correct.

I use a number of anti-virus and malware programs. I also dedicate one Mac for research work. Sometimes the work is high risk and this is one way to limit the risks.

I prefer Pages to Microsoft Word, but Microsoft Word has some benefits to writers for references and other things.

WordPerfect is not available for MacOS. I do not use Parallels. I used to use WordPerfect all the time in law firms and it has superior capabilities. I have transcribed work for a well-known ufologist who is an author, and he exclusively uses WordPerfect. I have a PC laptop I use about once in a couple of years, and I use it on there. Maybe I will change my mind and put Parallels on one Mac.

Bear is a program that I have used for Markdown purposes. One website I use exclusively uses Markdown and I use Bear to expedite writing on there.

There are other things I use, but this will give the primary ones that may be helpful to others.